PLEASE NOTE: We stop our bike rental forever ( retirement decision) after Thanksgiving 2021 and all bikes are for sale.
Sales listing and details here.

Prices Fat Mountain

  • 1/2 day: $55

  • 1 day : $95

  • Shuttle to KVR: $20 per load with up to 4 bikes+guests

  • All prices + 5% GST


  • 1/2 day: $85

  • 1 day: $125

  • Shuttle to KVR: $20 per load with up to 4 bikes+guests

  • All prices + 5% GST

Fat Bikes

We have chosen Fat Bikes as the surface of the KVR and all other forest roads have loose gravel and quite big potholes. Our Fat Bike have this supreme grip and shock absorption you want. 

Safe Parking

Our cycling guests park their car safe and sound  at the ranch and avoid the burglary hotspots up at the canyon parking lots

All Year Long

Muddy roads in spring and fall ? Snowy roads in winter ? No problem at all with Fat Bikes. We are here !


With E-Bikes it is your choice to make: Low e-support = challenge yourself like on a standard bike. Or you choose more “help” and stay relaxed. In both cases you make more km compared to a normal bike!

bigfoot 2-green-sage

Kettle Valley Railway Trail / Trans Canada Trail

Our ranch sits at the entrance to the Myra Bellevue Provincial Park with Myra Canyon and the old train brigdges ( trestles ) being the most famous part of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail/Trans Canada Trail. Our cycling guest get a shuttle ( $20 per truck load ) incl. bikes up to the trail. It is 300m in elevelation and quite challenging to pedal - or you do challenge yourself with a 40 min workout !. 

bigfoot vlt-2

E-Fat Bikes With 80km range

A perfect bike for a day trip to Chute Lake above Naramata and back

Start at the ranch or get a shuttle up to the KVR. From there the most scenic part of the KVR next to the Myra Canyon part lays ahead of you. You cycle southbound with stunning views over valley and lake. At Chute Lake Lodge you take a swim in the lake.  Get a lunch and the lodge and a little nap afterwards! Then pedal home to Kelowna and enjoy the sunsets from high above.

 Main Cycling Tours From Our Ranch

Ask us for downhill or hidden/adventurous tours on our South Slope

We are located in the middle of endless bike trails above Kelowna

Tour 1: Myra Canyon Trestles

The easy late afternoon/evening tour

Heritage site and tourist attraction Nr. 1 in the valley: The Myra Canyon Trestles. 12km one way over 100y old train bridges (=trestles). Our recommendation: In summer do that late afternoon/early evening when the the main wave of guests is gone already.
Duration: 2-4 h

Tour 2: Park Bench View Point

Incredible views over the valley

We don’t know what good soul placed a nice bench up there ! But it makes a wonderful destination from the junction KVR/Little White Forest Road. Discover the Rocky Mountain highland scenery from one of the best view points up there. Mostly an easy trail along an old logging road. 

Duration: 2h

Tour 3: Chute Lake along KVR

One of the most beautiful sections of the KVR from Kelowna to Naramata

You will stay up high above the valley and cycle along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail to Chute Lake Lodge. Distance is 38km one way. The lodge offers a nice lunch and a good swim in the lake for you. Take a break - and might be a nap - and cycle back to our ranch before the sun sets. This is a bucket list excursion !

Duration: 1 day and E-Bikes recommended

Tour 4: Priest Creek Cabin

A short tour on an abandoned logging road. Great views await you !

Start from the junction KVR/Little White Forest Road and head south for a few meters. Then left uphill to a now official recreational site/cabin with phantastic view to Big White and Little White mountain. In front of you lays Okanagan Lake and Kelowa. Have a snack, enjoy the scenery and roll donwhill again to our ranch. 

Duration: 2h

Horse Riding + Bike Rental 
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