Designed for children/youths with min. 4'6"/140cm and adults
with a permanent belay system - maximum safety for our guests

Our main aerial tree courses are an exciting way to test and train your physical and mental flexibility,
agility, balance, strength and stamina in a natural outdoor setting, views garanteed.
No time limits in our courses - you climb as long and as often you want. Most guests give up after 3 hours btw..


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REQUIREMENTS FOR our 7 Tree top courses

  • Minimum height is 140cm (4'6")
  • Maximum weight is 113kg (250lbs)
  • Proper footwear is required. We give you shoes in case you need them

Participants are required to complete a Release of Liability form before participating in our adventure courses.
For participants under19 years it must be signed by a Parent or Guardian.

Youths must be accompanied by a guardian 19yrs or older. Guardians can monitor from the ground or they may participate with them in the course.
We also have a special Ropes and Challenge Kinder Course specifically for children of all ages..

It begins with a realLy really Short Instruction session

Myra Canyon Adventure Park provides participants with all necessary safety equipment plus a really short (~2 min) instruction on how to use
the equipment both safely and successfully to participate in the Ropes and Challenge Courses.

Then: 4 or all 7 Different course lines with more then 50 climbing elements

Our course lines offer everything from entry to very advanced levels with a variety of elements.
Travel from tree to tree using different rope constructions, nets and bridges.
We offer a 4 lines and a 7 lines price.
Climbing all courses takes about 2 - 4 hours, but there is no need to climb them all at once.
So climb lets say 2 course lines, have a break, climb the next ones or repeat one - all up to you and no time limit.
Most of our guests "give up" after 3-4 hours.

You will start all course lines from 2 Starting Hubs

These 2 hubs are the starting points for all tree courses. We have multiple lines either along the canyon or on the side facing Kelowna - with views over the lake and valley and Kelowna. Our 4 course line fee gives you access to all lines starting from the upper hub. We the full 7 line package you can climb all courses.

Your are not alone

From our hubs you are always admired and watched by our guides. From these hubs they have a complete overview.

Permanent Safety System - no carabiner un-/clipping with us

We use a so called permanent belay system. This means once you are hooked onto one of our course lines there is no need to clip/unclip a carabiner - you are always safe until you reach the end of the course. We can't guarantee you won't get a little scratch or a bruise of course, but nothing more !.


Myra Canyon Adventure Park makes a great destination for schools and corporate group retreats with over 100 guests.
Special Events and parties are also welcome. Contact us ahead of time to plan your group event with special prices for local groups !.
We open our park for your group all year long.


Disc Golf Set Rental Fee (play for free if you bring your own discs) $10

Youths and Adults Tree Course Prices

Includes all safety equipment. Climb as long as you like in our 4 or 7 different course lines

4 Tree Courses Adults 19y-103y old $37

7 Tree Courses Adults 19y-103y old $47

4 Tree Courses Youth up to 18y $32

7 Tree Courses Youth up to 18y $42

Groups/Birthdays etc 10+ guests %10% (~ $4) off per guest

Punch Card 12 Entries all 7 Courses $400 Youths; $450 Adults

Schools/Local Organisation Groups 10+ guests $ Please Email us for prices

Kindercourse as addition to the Adults Tree Course $0 - included

Prices are shown in CAD per guest. GST applicable.


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June 11 - Sept 5:
Daily 10 am to sunset

Sept 9 - October 16:
Fri: 2pm to sunset
Sat/Sun: 10am to sunset
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