The Kinder Course offers a kids friendly version of a full size ropes course

Harnesses and lanyards are replaced by safety netting surrounding all elements.
These netted courses feature scaled and themed challenges that allow kids - and also their parents - to climb,
swing, traverse and zipline without specialized staffing or equipment.


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Requirements for the Kinder Course:

  • For ages 3 to about 103 years
  • Height should be more than 30in/76cm
  • Maximum weight is 113kg/250lbs
  • Proper footwear is required
And the parents?

Parents can admire their kids from the trails below the elements. Or they can have a little picnic at one of our picnic places close to the kinder course.
Or they can just join their children climbing and this is what most parents do after 5 min watching...

Or one of the other activities

All parents are very welcome to try our slack lines or play a round of frisbee/disk golf. You can do that without any training, just start and try it.
Our Gaga Ball ring waits for you. (never mind if you don't know what this is, you will find out)..

Is that safe ?

The short answer: We let our own kids into the course because we trust the safety of it ! The long answer: The nets hold a weight of 300 kg per 10 cm
and as an adult you can hang yourself with your hands on any of the net segments - it holds you with ease.

How long does it take ?

Your kids can climb our course as long as they like. One climb through the longer loop takes about 25 min, the smaller loop about 10 min.
Let them do a little break and redo the courses. In total you can expect 45 - 90 min of activity in the course.


Myra Canyon Adventure Park makes a great destination for school and group retreats. Big groups with 100 guests or more will be divided in half/thirds and rotate along the different activities. Contact us ahead of time to plan your group event. We offer special prices for local groups from the valley.

Requirements for Children’s Groups

One chaperon is needed as minimum for smaller groups. Our guides help with all aspects. Talk to us about details. We will help you organize your event. We work together with the nearby bike rentals etc and assist you in setting up a half or even a full day of activities with your group.


Disc Golf Set Rental Fee (play for free if you bring your own discs) $10

Kinder Course

Climb as long as you like in our Kinder Course. Parents/Guardians climbing with their children in the kinder course pay only for another "child".

Children/Youth $22

Children/Youth Groups/Birthdays 10+ guests $16

Punch Cards 12 tickets $200

Prices are shown in CAD per guest. GST applicable.


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