Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes please and we provide them. If availalbe you can also bring your own bike helmet.

Is there a weight limit ?

With our draft horses we are almost limitless. They carry up to 300lbs. Rider over 250lbs should choose our shorter 1h rides.

Do I have to sign a waiver ?

Yes ! You find our waiver to download at the bottom to the page. You can also sign it easily when you arrive. For persons under 18y a parent or guardian must sign on behalf.

How far in advance do I have to reserve ?

In spring and fall 1-2 days ahead of time is fine. During the summer months we recommend at least 3 days.

Do you close for the season in winter?

We are open all year long. With icy conditions on the trails we have to pause  rides and we see that usually in early spring.

What should I wear ?

Please wear long trousers as well as sturdy footwear, if possible with a small heel. All closed toes shoes are ok. Depending on the weather it might be useful to bring a warm jacket. A trail ride in the rain - or even in the snow - is also very enjoyable.

Can I bring my camera with me ?

Sure - just make sure it is in a secure pocket ! We make at least one photo stop usually.

Do you go out if the weather turns bad ?

We go out in all conditions exceptwhen it is too dangerous to ride: Thunderstorms and strong winds. We inform you ahead of time on conditions.

What payments do you accept ?

We take Debit cards tap up to $100  (no chip!), credit cards, cheques, cash and e-transfers.

Can I bring my own saddle ?

We have all our saddles measured and fitted to our horses and to avoid sour backs and bruises we unly our saddles.

Can I ride alone ?

Our insurance requires a guide with you at any time.

Do you ride english or western ?

Mainly western, but we have tack for both styles.

Do you ride over the Myra Canyon trestles ?

It is 1.5h uphill to get there and impossible to ride over the old train bridges - they have dangerous gaps left and right. So we don’t offer that at all. The trails we use are horse friendly and way nicer.

Are there any packages with accommodation ?

Ranch guests get 10% discount on our classic and kids rides. For multiple rides while staying with us we always offer individual prices.

Can I ride with my kid on one horse ?

Our insurance makes a clear no to that, sorry !

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