Fall team building sessions

Sep 2018: Do you guess who that is ? NHL team Arizona Coyotes stopped by for a nice team challenge !

Tiny zip lines with a view

Aug 15, 2018: Summer evenings with views: Last element of one of our climbing courses is a short zip line with Layer Cake Mountain in the background - a natural rock formation which is unique in north America.

Birthday parties

June 30, 2018: A lot of action at our picnic areas with BBQs these days.

2 km zip line hero

June 1, 2018: Our school groups rip the zip lines again and again - and make 2 km in total ! 

May/June are our School Months

Apr 2nd, 2018: We support our schools with special prices - email us ! Large groups up to 150 students spend the complete day in our park. All amenities are yours.


Fall is Team Building Season

Sept 28, 2017: Sports teams and corporate groups challenge themselves

Estimated time frame is 1-2 hours after a little warm up climb. All our team challenges need your team to work and act togehter - no way around it.

Summer Fun with Water Guns

Aug 1, 2017: Families love our little refreshing tools on hot days


Football Team Building

June 30, 2017: Canadian Football Team Australian Rules in our park

What a team spirit ! The were almost flying throuhg the courses and the team spririt and help was just incredible ! Watch yourself !

Fly over the canyon

June 3, 2017

Fly with us in a small heli over the canyon and enjoy the views. If you look closely you see our canyon ear sitting right at the edge.

Canyon Ear ready for you

May 14th, 2017

What is the sound of a canyon ? 
Find it out and sit inside, just listen to wind, water and birds.

And what happens if you shout out as loud as you can ?
Come and try it out !

First birthday party in 2017

May 6th, 2017

Returning guests with a party of young climbers. We were not open officially but for groups we always open the doors. Wonderful weather thanks god.

Fire in Park

April 15th, 2017
What a shock !

On that Saturday we had our recrutiing day to see all new guides for the season. Someone started a fire right next to an abanonded old house right below our parking lot and kinder course. While I was on the phone calling 911 the fire jumped over and we had a monster fire. Kelona fire fighters were here in no time and did a great job. We have no idea what drives people to do that.

Spring Inspection 2017 done!

April 5th, 2017
Finally the snow is gone

We had our engineer Craig with us last week and he did a thorough insprection of all the climbing elements, platforms, connections etc pp. This routine comes every year after the winter. Once this is done it is a time to start building new attractions - we keep you posted !

Repair and Expansion Delay….

March 1st,  2017
Spring is the time to inspect, repair and get new things ready

We had a lot of snow this year as you can see here: Winter Inspection Hike  So as soon as the snow goes away we start repairing and prepairing. Our engineer inspects all climbing elements in March and our trusted builders Jorge Ackermann and his team stay with us for 2 weeks afterwards.

New Owner & New Website: www.myracanyonadventure.com