9 Aerial Tree Top Challenge Courses

One of the largest Ropes & Challenge Courses in Canada

9 Aerial Tree Top Challenge Courses

One of the largest Ropes & Challenge Courses in Canada

No Time Limit

We offer a 4 lines and a 7 lines price, both incl. zip lines.
Climbing all courses takes about 2 - 4 hours, but there is no need to climb them all at once.
So climb lets say 2 course lines, have a break, climb the next ones or repeat one - all up to you and no time limit.
Most of our guests "give up" after 3-4 hours.

7 Tree + 1 Zip Courses

Our course lines offer everything from entry to very advanced levels with a variety of elements.
Travel from tree to tree using different rope constructions, nets and bridges.

Minimum height is 140cm (4'6")
Maximum weight is 113kg (250lbs)

1 Kinder Course

Harnesses and lanyards are replaced by safety netting surrounding all elements.
This course with 20 elements allows kids - and also their parents - to climb, swing, traverse and zipline without equipment.

Recommended minimum age is 3 
No time limits.

Permanent Safety

We use in our Tree Courses a so called permanent belay system. Once you are hooked onto one of our course lines there is no need to clip/unclip a carabiner - you are always secure until you reach the end of the course. We can't guarantee you won't get a little scratch or a bruise of course, but nothing more !

2 Starting Hubs

These 2 hubs are the starting points for all tree courses. We have multiple lines either along the canyon or on the side facing Kelowna - with views over the lake and valley and Kelowna.


From our hubs you are always admired and watched by our guides. From these hubs they have a complete overview.


Our park makes a great destination for school and group retreats. Big groups with 150 guests or more will be divided and rotate along the different activities. Contact us ahead of time to plan your group event. We offer special prices for local groups.

Picnic Areas + Trails

Family/Friends can admire from the trails below the elements. Or they can have a little picnic at one of our picnic places.
Or they can just join them climbing and this is what most guests do after 5 min watching...


climbing elements

1.6 km

climbing distance

2 - 6

hours activity

600 +

Calories burnt per visit

20 min

from down town

20 +

additional activites


Tree+Zip Youth

  • 4 Courses + Zip Youth up to 18y:……..……………………………44

  • 7 Courses + Zip Youth up to 18y:……………………………………54

  • Groups of 4+ 10% off

  • Groups of 10+ 20% off

  • Schools/Local Groups 20+ guests:
    Contact us for special fees

Tree+Zip Adults

  • 4 Courses + Zip Adults 19y-103y:……………………………………49

  • 7 Courses + Zip Adults 19y-103y:.……………………………………59

  • Groups of 4+ 10% off

  • Groups of 10+: 20% off

  • Schools/Local Groups 20+ guests:
    Contact us for special fees

Kinder Course

  • Per Climber 3y -103y………………...23

  • .

  • Groups of 4+ 10% off

  • Groups of 10+ 20% off

  • Schools/Local Groups 20+ guests:
    Contact us for special fees

Season + Hours

2019 season: June to October

June 1 to Sept 3:
    Daily 10am to 7pm

Sept/Oct: Sat + Sun
Last start 2h before closing time

No reservation

Walk in during our business hours. Pouring rain: Please call us. Unstable weather + we might have to close: Climb first and pay only after min 1.5h activity.
Teambuilding needs reservation.


We are located right below the famous Myra Canyon and Kettle Valley Railway Trail (KVR).
4429 June Springs Road, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1W4C8
Google Maps Link:


Greg Fredoriuk + family
T: +1 (587) 926-1176‬
E: park@myracanyon.com

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