Do I need to make a reservation?

No - not needed. Reservations should only be made for bigger groups with 15+ guests..

What restrictions exist for the Tree Courses?

The Kinder Course is mainly for participants from 3-12y, but youths and adults are also welcome of course ! All persons under the age of 19 require a parent or guardian to sign our release form.
Comfortable outdoors clothing is recommended and appropriate (closed toe!) shoes are required for all activities. Participants should also tight back their long hair and remove any jewelry that may get caught during their adventure.

How long do the Tree Courses + zip lines take?

The Adult Course is divided into 7 sections + zip line course and can take anywhere between 2 to 5 hours depending on your personal fitness level and how comfortable you are with heights. With our permanent belay system we do not need a safety training in a demo course, so you can start immediately after getting your harness and helmet.

How difficult are the Ropes and Challenge activities?

Our Ropes and Challenge activities are both physical and mental challenges.  At the end of each course line you return to the ground. Our courses have 3 different course levels: Easy - medium - difficult. It is always your choice what level you want to climb.
If you are in-between these sections and find yourself unable to continue, our experienced and sensitive guides will help lower you back to the ground.

Do I need to bring my own safety equipment?

Myra Canyon Adventure Park provides all participants with a harness, helmet and all necessary safety equipment. Our professionally trained guides will demonstrate and teach you how to use the equipment - which is really really easy ! You may use your own gloves and (closed toe!) shoes, but you can only use the harnesses and helmets we provide. For our Kinder Course the only thing you need are good shoes and good spirit !

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes ! Outdoor Adventure activities imply risks and all participants are required to sign a Release of Liability Agreement. Download our actual waiver at the bottom of the page or complete at our guest services upon arrival. Note that participants under age will also need a parent or guardian to sign their waiver.

Can friends and family members watch even if they don’t want to participate?

Of course! Non-participating family and friends can walk and observe you from the designated trails below the course. No fees involved.

What about the weather?

Weather sometimes happens even to us, and the occasional shower is usually no impediment to our fun. If the weather is more severe, however - thunderstorms, lightning and strong winds for instance - our experienced guides will help you quickly down from the trees until the weather event passes. Most storms pass quickly, and we will let you know when it is safe to resume.

If the weather is unstable we let our guests start climbing and they pay afterwards. If it starts to get nasty meanwhile and you have to stop climbing it goes on the house - depending how far you have gone..

Do you sell food & drinks?

Pops and ice cream yes. And: We have a Pizza service 5 min down the road with delivery to the park. And you are welcome to bring your own food and use our picnic areas with BBQs. 

I am under the age of 19 - do I need an adult with me ?

No ,but you need our waiver signed by your parents or a guardian who has permission from your parents to sign on their behalf.

What payments do you accept ?

We can process all major credit cards, Apple and Google Pay and debit cards tap payment (Interac Flash). Only debit card chip card reading is not possible at the moment. The next cash dispenser is 8 min away at South Kelowna Harvest Market.

Is there public transport to you park ?

Sorry no ! The next bus stop is 4km down the road and it is a tough hike up to us..

Contact us

Meet our team

We are a group of skilled individuals.

Kathrin + Rolf von Andrian + Family

Ex-Owner + Operator

Jacquie Wong


Greg Pidwerbeski

Manager + Builder

Jeff Wong

Lead Guide









Some facts about our park:

2.1 km

Steel Wire

280 m

Above Canyon

800 m

Above Sea Level


Climber at the
same time




Games + Challenges


Tree+Zip Youth

  • 4 Courses + Zip Youth up to 18y:……..……………………………44

  • 7 Courses + Zip Youth up to 18y:……………………………………54

  • Groups of 4+ 10% off

  • Groups of 10+ 20% off

  • Schools/Local Groups 20+ guests:
    Contact us for special fees

Tree+Zip Adults

  • 4 Courses + Zip Adults 19y-103y:……………………………………49

  • 7 Courses + Zip Adults 19y-103y:.……………………………………59

  • Groups of 4+ 10% off

  • Groups of 10+: 20% off

  • Schools/Local Groups 20+ guests:
    Contact us for special fees

Kinder Course

  • Per Climber 3y -103y………………...23

  • .

  • Groups of 4+ 10% off

  • Groups of 10+ 20% off

  • Schools/Local Groups 20+ guests:
    Contact us for special fees

Season + Hours

2019 season: June to October

June 1 to Sept 3:
    Daily 10am to 7pm

Sept/Oct: Sat + Sun
Last start 2h before closing time

No reservation

Walk in during our business hours. Pouring rain: Please call us. Unstable weather + we might have to close: Climb first and pay only after min 1.5h activity.
Teambuilding needs reservation.


We are located right below the famous Myra Canyon and Kettle Valley Railway Trail (KVR).
4429 June Springs Road, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1W4C8
Google Maps Link:


Greg Fredoriuk + family
T: +1 (587) 926-1176‬

Find our waiver here: